Most Unusual Fireplace Designs

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

A contemporary electric fireplace serves as a popular and unusual alternative to replace your traditional wood burning fireplace. Today, there are various types, materials, and designs of electric fireplaces to satisfy the modern consumer's taste.

There are many benefits of installing an electric fireplace. Not only you save valuable time and effort required to haul firewood and clean the fireplace; most products are manufactured out of 100% safe and non-toxic materials to make sure you are not harming the environment when you switch on these innovative fireplaces.

Although, most buyers invest in an electric fireplace to add a heat source to their home; these products also add luxury to any living or bedroom. If you are looking for a chic way to ignite a spark into any dull living space; trust in the capabilities of a uniquely designed electric fireplace.

Today, leading brands continue to engineer creatively designed electric fireplaces that easily blend with any home décor. Some of the most popular styles are TV stand fireplaces; wall mounted fireplaces, geometrically designed models and fireplaces used as room dividers. A few designs also benefit from a large heating unit to present a fine blend of style and functionality.

Fixed or Freestanding

Before you purchase a unique design, it helps to know whether you prefer installing a freestanding or fixed electric fireplace. This decision should largely depend on your home and personal requirements.

In case you want to save on installation costs, you can go for a freestanding design. This type of fireplace is particularly preferred by people who cannot make any modifications to a rented home. Freestanding fireplaces are ready for use with simple plug and play functionality.

However, if you have limited space; a mounted or fixed fireplace is the best model for you. It is common for many people to install a fireplace insert or mantle that requires little or no installation efforts.

Unique Electric Fireplace Designs

From simple geometric shapes to organic forms that mimic nature; there are endless possibilities. Several electric fireplaces let you experience flickering embers, dancing flames and even crackling noises that you get out of a real fireplace. Some people choose versions that also offer an entertainment unit or shelves to maximize storage.

Electric fireplaces comprise of real wood and veneer along with other materials. All types serve as good heating sources and emit a perfect flame to give you the same feeling you get out of a real fireplace.

Let’s take a look at the different unique electric fireplace designs that are currently popular.

Geometric Design

Some buyers prefer out of the box designs including geometric shapes. Today, we come across different variations of the triangle to witness some of the most uniquely shaped electric fireplaces. Some models feature a design like aesthetic pyramids; both big and small.

Wall-Hanging Electric Fireplaces

Wall hanging electric fireplaces allow you to add a chic and contemporary fireplace to make a bold statement in your home or workplace. There is a wide variety of styles including models that can be wall mounted like a picture. Each design is complemented by a realistic ember bed and flame to create a warm ambiance in your home.

Electric Fireplace inserts

Electric log inserts are popular and easy to install. They are a perfect replacement for wood burning fireplaces. Homeowners who want to enjoy the visual warmth of a traditional fireplace with the push of a button; should go for this type of design. A minimal design guarantees a subtle focus on the fireplace and minimizes the amount of space consumed by a conventional fireplace. Such a fireplace benefits from neutral colors and does not use too many design elements.

Electric Fireplace Mantels

With these innovative fireplace mantels, you can enjoy the beauty of a fireplace in any room of the house. A few units also offer remote control and sometimes a built-in air purifier.

Multi-Purpose Electric Fireplaces

The electric fireplace does not have to be just a visual element of your home. You can also use a multi-purpose design as a room divider to organize your living space. This functionality allows you to experiment with your home décor without spending a fortune.

Electric Fireplace TV Stand

A media console with an electric fireplace is one of the most popular designs to maximize storage. You get a good heating source and a secured space to keep your large-sized TV. This type of media console offers enough room to store precious audio and video equipment.

Users simply have to plug in the unit and enjoy a realistic flame and ember bed while watching their favorite TV shows. Since these fireplaces are operable with or without heat; you can benefit from these units throughout the year.

How to install a Wall-Hanging Electric Fireplace?

To fix a wall mounted heater, you should mark a spot on the wall where you want to install the fireplace. Then drill holes to fix the mounting bracket and carefully install the fireplace. People who have experience of installing a large-sized flat TV should have little or no problem with installing this type of design.

Make sure your electric fireplace is close to an electric power source.


Thanks to several unique innovations in the design of electric fireplaces; we can now choose a model that suits our taste and home décor. These items not only serve as exceptional heating sources but also offer incredible storage and security to store expensive audio and video gear.

The sleek and modern electric fireplace serves as a great affordable way to add a contemporary touch to your atmosphere without having to worry about maintenance costs. The design you choose for your living room, bedroom or workplace should easily blend with the rest of furniture.

Make the most out of your chosen electric fireplace design by ensuring you install it the right way. You should also compare the dimensions of several different designs to purchase the best model for your living space.

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