Notable Electric Fireplace Manufacturers

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

There are a lot of companies putting out electric fireplaces these days, but these four companies continue to stand out from the rest.


Duraflame is a name that is synonymous with all things fire. While they are most known for their firelogs and starter products, the company puts out some very high-quality electric fireplaces and heaters.

duraflame electric fireplace


Southern Enterprises

Southern Enterprises specializes in a variety of home furnishings, but they offer an astoundingly diverse inventory of electric fireplaces. Southern Enterprises electric fireplaces include media consoles, mantels, different styles of wall-mounted models, and small fireboxes as well.

Southern Enterprises electric fireplace

The company provides buyers with a ton of stylistic choices that cover everything from rustic and traditional, to cutting-edge modern designs for those wanting a newer, sleeker look.


Touchstone Home Products mainly focuses on TV and entertainment center products. As for Touchstone electric fireplaces, they offer strictly wall-mounted units and inserts, spanning several different sizes and styles.

Touchstone electric fireplace

Buyers can choose electric fireplaces in sizes as small as 28 inches wide, or up to 96 inches wide, all in different colors and materials. They also offer outdoor electric fireplaces.


Puraflame is one of the only companies that solely focuses on electric fireplaces. Duraflame electric fireplaces are known for being very economical, and with a lot of variance in available styles as well.

 Puraflame electric fireplace

Their freestanding fireplaces include both older-styled stove models, and modern styles that almost resembles flat screen televisions in some ways, They also make electric fireplace inserts, and electric fireboxes in bold colors.


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