Are Electric Fireplaces Safe for Your Kids and Pets?

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

There are few things at your home that are unsafe to have around kids and pets. A fireplace is often one of them. It is common for most people to experience a burn or scratch injury from a conventional fireplace. This reason is why electric fireplaces are the safest choices, especially if you have restless toddlers and pets in the house.

Most contemporary electric fireplaces come with timers. This feature ensures that you can control the operational time of your fireplace to protect your children and pets. Moreover, these models feature additional safety features including a glass cover to keep the little ones safe from the most dangerous parts of any model.

Safety Benefits

One of the best features of an electric fireplace is that it does not emit any toxic or harmful gases to cause allergic reactions. An environmentally friendly accessory, the electric fireplace keeps your home and atmosphere safe.

Some people argue that electric fireplaces look great and offer reliable safety measures but fail to provide a substantial amount of heat.

In reality, most advanced models provide a uniformly distributed heating to keep your house warm without emitting any toxic gases into your breathing environment.

No carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide emission means that your kids and pets remain safe and healthy.

People who suffer from respiratory disorders such as bronchitis or asthma can greatly benefit from having an electric fireplace installed in their homes. There are no chances of fire from a shooting ember and no creosote buildup. The faux flame makes sure your little ones, and pets remain protected and injury-free. 

Today, most of the electric fireplaces comprise of materials that are cool to the touch (except for the heat discharge vent). You are less likely to encounter accidental burns when you touch the fireplace.

Can you leave it on overnight?

All models are designed to deliver a flawless performance without enduring any damages due to overheating. This reason is why most homeowners prefer leaving them on overnight. Although it is completely safe to leave your electric fireplace running unattended, we recommend that you switch it off at bedtime. 

It is highly recommended to invest in an advanced electric fireplace that comes with good safety and security features. Make sure the model has a shut-off timer function to reduce the risk of any damage due to overheating. All electric fireplaces are capable of producing enough heat to warm a room of 400 square feet and up, but its components are engineered to remain cool to the touch.

Bottom Line

If you want to benefit from a safe fireplace to warm your house without any toxic emission, injuries or burn; get the best electric fireplace to equip your home. The market features all sorts of designs, materials, and specifications that are meant to provide ultimate comfort and safety to ensure there are no unpleasant accidents.

Say goodbye to your old and conventional wood burning fireplace by installing an electric fireplace and keep your children and pets safe.

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