Electric Fireplaces Maintenance And Cleaning

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

Worried about extensive maintenance for your electric fireplace? Don’t be.

We could’ve included this in the ‘advantages’ section, but the maintenance aspect is deserving of its own, mainly due to the fact that there isn't much.

Since there is no wood, no mess, no gas or propane, and no actual rates to clean, electric fireplaces have the same upkeep that you’d encounter with other decor and appliances in your house. You may have to dust the unit sometimes, and use glass cleaner on the front, but that’s really it.

Electric Fireplaces Maintenance And Cleaning


Depending on your unit, you may have to change out the light bulbs every so often, but since they are almost always LED, you could go years without having to do so. Simple keep the unit dust free, and be mindful of the air vents from time to time, and you’ll be just fine.

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