How to Maintain Your Electric Fireplace

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

Knowing how to conduct proper electric fireplace maintenance is a great way to preserve the value of your home. We’ll show you how to keep your fireplace spotless so that you can receive all the benefits that it offers.

How to Change the Light Bulb

Every electric fireplace model comes with a light bulb in order to produce a realistic flame effect. In order to gain the best viewing experience, we recommend that the lightbulb is changed when the log exterior detail fades or when the flame starts to show a dark section.

Changing your fireplace bulbs is not difficult, but can be a confusing task if you’re a first-timer. Fortunately, we’re going to assist you in changing your lightbulb so that you and your family can still experience the warm heat from the machine.

Start by removing the previous lightbulb from your electric fireplace. Once it's fully uninstalled, twist the new lightbulb in a clockwise motion in order to keep place it in. If you have multiple light bulbs in your fireplace, make sure the new bulbs have the same amount of wattage in order to have an even level of lighting.

How to Clean the Ventilator?

As an owner of an electric fireplace, you have to clean the vents of your device. Doing so prevents it from receiving too much dust or hindering your fireplace’s performance. For general cleaning start by using a clean duster. Don’t use abrasive cleaners as they will destroy the vent.


To remove dust from the ventilator, get a vacuum to clean out your fireplace’s outlet grill. Specifically, use the soft brush of the vacuum to ensure that it keeps all of the dust away from the vents.

Dusting off the Fan

Most electric fireplace with fans tend to obtain dust over a certain time period. This means that you have to diligently dust the fan in order to prevent it from taking away the heat. Doing so prevents you the fan from spinning randomly and reducing its overall performance.


Remove the fireplace grille and then use a brush to lightly clean and take the dust off the fan. Make sure that you use the vacuum in order to catch andy debris that could have fallen. If you clean your fan regularly, you increase its lifespan and enhance its overall performance.


Also, make sure that the unit is 100% unplugged and completely off before doing maintenance work. If you suspect that there might be an issue with the fan where it must be replaced or repaired, contact the dealer or refer to the owner’s manual for further assistance.



Check the Fuses

Your electric fireplace consists of fuses that have to function in order for the device to heat properly. If your fireplace loses the ability to provide heat, inspect the fuses to find out if they are burned before wasting money buying a new one.

First, make sure that your fuse is completely shut off to prevent getting shocked. After that, open up the fuse box which is located near the fireplace. Depending on the model and make, it might be located in another area. While it might be in a different place, check the back first to see if its there.

The electric fireplace fuse looks like a small clear cylinder that has a piece of filament inside of it. If your filament breaks (one indicator that the electric fireplace isn’t working) it will look either gray or black in color. To remove the fuse, get a screwdriver and lift it out of the box, then replace it by placing the new fuse inside of the old fuse’s space.


Cleaning the Glass

Follow these instructions to ensure that your fireplace’s glass remains clean for future usage:


  1. Start by following your fireplace’s instruction manual. Turn off the pilot light and other lights in the machine. Open the glass front to get started.
  2. Keep the glass front on the hinges (if it has hinges). If the fireplace doesn’t have hinges, place the glass on a surface that will absorb its impact such as your carpet, towel or a drop cloth.
  3. To clean out the vents, use a cream cleanser. Pour at least 2 tablespoons of the cleanser onto the glass.
  4. Use a soft cotton cloth to spread the cleaner around the fireplace. Allow the cleaner to stay on the glass until its dry. This will take up to 15 minutes.
  5. Scrub the glass with a cloth in small circular motions.
  6. Once you complete that, clean the front section of the glass the same way. This time, create strokes on the opposite direction than the previous side. This makes sure that you can identify the side that has streaks and hasn’t been cleaned off correctly.


And, there are alcohol-based cleaners that work just as well as your favorite window cleaner.

You just have to apply the spray to the class and then wipe it off. On some occasions, your dealer can give a recommendation on cleaners for your fireplace and might have cleaners available in the shop.


Before cleaning, here are some things you’ll want to avoid:

  • Don’t use paper towels. Their hard texture will tamper and possibly destroy the appearance of the glass.
  • Don’t use ammonia-based cleaners.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners.



Conducting proper fireplace maintenance is an easy task, and can make it appear as if it was bought out of the box. Besides changing a few lightbulbs once in awhile and occasionally dusting the fans, electric fireplaces are low maintenance and simple appliances that give a great amount of heat in your home.

Now that you know how to clean out your electric fireplace, you must do it frequently in order to receive positive results. We suggest that you fully clean your electric fireplace at least once every four months. For minor maintenance, clean your fireplace 2 times a month.

Just sit back, and enjoy your electric fireplace’s warm ambiance. Once you continuously clean it, the device will work past its expiration date and provide optimal performance. If you are willing to clean your fireplace, it will reward you by keeping you and your family warm during the winter season.




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