A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Space Heater

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

In this buying guide we will reveal our top five space heaters and discuss the features you should consider when buying the best space heater.

As heating bills increase and space heater technology evolves, more and more Americans are seeking economical and efficient ways to heat their living space. If you run a top-notch space heater in those rooms you tend to use most, such as bedroom and living room, it will allow you to keep the thermostat at a relatively lower setting while adding targeted warmth to your single rooms.
Portable space heaters are also perfect for rooms that have inadequate heating or specific spaces where you cannot install a central heating system, such as a garage.

Using a suitable space heater for your home or office is a convenient and affordable way to quickly increase the room temperature and add warmth and comfort to any space. Space heaters are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can help offset your energy costs during chilly winter months.

A majority of modern space heaters, especially the electric models, also boast various unique and high-tech features like digital controls and automatic oscillation for more convenience and ease during operation.

There are a variety of electric and gas space heaters available in the market. We will discuss a few of them in the following sections.


Types of Electric Space Heaters

Convection Heaters

These space heaters are the most energy-efficient and viable option for larger living spaces. A convection heater works by efficiently heating the surrounding air. Although these heaters may take a little more time to heat up, the warmth will last long after the heater is turned off. 

Many models of convection heaters also have a fan to provide additional heat circulation, which is ideal for many enclosed spaces.

Panel Heater

Panel heaters are quite similar to centralized heating systems, and efficiently combine the processes of radiant and convection technology. One of their main benefits is that they can reach peak power reasonably quickly and generate evenly distributed heat.

Types of Gas Space Heaters

Natural Gas Heaters

These heaters require professional installation with a gas hookup. Keep in mind that a few models may not have any venting. It is because they come with an automatic shut-off switch in situations where air quality gets poor.

Propane Heaters

You can light a propane heater with a match, or it may need electricity for ignition. Propane heaters are available in various sizes and could accommodate different amounts of fuel.

Due to the various types, controls, and features, finding the best space heater could be confusing for most buyers. We know you can get overwhelmed and confused by the broad selection of space heaters in the market; it is why we have compiled a list of top five contenders to make the buying decision easier and simpler for you.


Our Recommendations 

The following is our list of the top five space heaters.

Best Electric Space Heater


Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

Price: Under $115

If you need a top-notch and portable space heater with infrared technology, the Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater is an ideal choice for you, and it comes with a humidifier. You could take advantage of several impressive features that this model has to offer including its digital thermostat and convenient display at the front of the unit.

This incredible heater has an immaculate wooden body and boasts a vintage looks. It is why this infrared heater not just operates well, but it has an impressive look as well. It would be a nice-looking and functional addition to the home and can offer an incredible and comfortable amount of warmth for you and your family.

Dr. Infrared Heater uses an advanced and efficient heating system to enable more heat production, and it does not apply more power than competing units. It features a high-efficiency blower that can quickly deliver an average of about 250°F at the rate of 3.5m/s to your room than competing heaters that could only produce 155°F at the rate of 2.2m/s.

As it is a portable infrared space heater, users can rest assured that they will get the most benefit from its infrared waves instead of the heat getting lost to the air in their rooms. If you sit near this portable heater, it would gently emit powerful infrared waves that will warm you up in no time, just like sunrays on a warm day.

Dr. Infrared Portable Heater has three different power settings: low 1000W, auto and high 1500W. It has an energy saving mode that lets you set the desired temperature from 50F to 86F. The heater can smartly select between its two settings based on the room temperature.


An infrared heater is usually more favorable and convenient than other types of heaters as it does not dry out the air. Also, if you think the air in the room is making your sinuses and nose uncomfortable, this heater lets you use its humidifier to buildup more moisture in the atmosphere to replace the humidity.

Product Features

  • It has dual heating systems with the high-quality infrared quartz tube
  • Features a low-noise and high-pressure blower
  • It weighs only 24 lbs
  • Features an electronic thermostat, lifetime filter and caster wheels
  • It has an auto shut-off timer


Sarki Personal Space Heater

Price: Under $45

The ceramic and portable Sarki Personal Space Heater is exceptionally lightweight and small. You can easily carry it and place it anywhere you like, such as a cluttered kitchen counter, work desk stacked with paperwork or your bedside table. Although the wired heater is quite small, it just takes a couple of seconds to produce comfortable warmth; therefore, it is ready to go whenever you require it the most.

The portable heater has a convenient push-button swing option and two heat settings to offer you just the perfect amount of heat. The space heater also features a nifty tip-over sensor to turn it off in case someone knocks it over automatically; it will help keep your family and your personal effects safe. Also, the heater comes with a cool-to-the-touch cover with overheating protection.

 Sarki Space Heater provides you with various heating choices. You can press its heat selection button located at the top of the unit to choose between 450 watts of mild heat or 950 watts of intense heat. On the other hand, if you just like to feel a gentle and calm breeze without any warmth, there is an option for that as well. For more selective heating options, you can push the heater's swing button and make its sides expand while oscillating the fan at an angle of 90 degrees.

Irrespective of the heat setting or mode you opt for, the positive temperature coefficient ceramic heating elements will get hot in only two seconds, giving you instant warmth.

Plus, this space heater makes your safety a priority as it is premium-grade, heat-resistant plastic. As a result, this safe space heater will not burn your skin if you accidentally touch it, which makes it very safe and you can use it around your pets or young children. It is one of the best electric space heaters you can buy.

Product Features

  • Adjustable electric space heater with up to three settings
  • Controls are easy to understand
  • Ninety-degree oscillation for wide area heating
  • Features PTC ceramic technology
  • It has a sleek design and compact size
  • Low noise operation
  • It weighs only 1.1 kgs


Honeywell Heat Genius

Price: Under $65

The new and improved Honeywell Heat Genius Heater has up to six customized heat settings that give you more control of your overall comfort. The powerful and smart ceramic heating capabilities of this premium grade heater allow you to quickly heat yourself, your floor area and your rooms with just the touch of a button.

The Honeywell HCE840B Heat Genius is one of the best and most versatile ceramic space heaters available on the market. It has the best ratings when it comes to whole-room heating, safety, and ease of use. The lightweight heater weighs only 5.8 pounds and gives you full control over how you want to heat your room with up to six heat settings. The space heater also features a programmable timer and digital thermostat. You may choose to warm the space in front of this heater or use its powerful fan to heat the entire room. It is the best space heater for large rooms.

Also, keep in mind this fantastic space heater has two additional new features – Quiet Mode setting and new Heat Phase Timer – these features make the heater shine as it offers unmatched power, all-in-one heating capability, and safety, making it an appropriate choice for your living room, bedroom or any other room!

The new and smart Heat Phase Timer has an auto shut-off feature that can step down four different levels of heat until it shuts off gradually over a two-hour period. Also, you can toggle the timer so that it can start at whatever heat level you desire. On the other hand, the new and innovative Quiet Mode feature utilizes fan speed and low heat setting to generate a gentle and comfy 'white noise' along with soothing warmth. It also has the four-way tip-over safety feature to automatically shut off the space heater if you tip it in any direction.

Honeywell heater will help you save plenty of money, as it heats the room or space you are in, instead of warming your entire house. As a result, you receive the right amount of heat, wherever and whenever you need it.

Product Features 

  • It has up to six heat settings
  • Features a Quiet Mode for a comfy and relaxing environment
  • It is ideal for your living room or bedroom
  • The heater’s fan and multiple heating components bring you about 1500 watts of heat
  • It has numerous safety features to give you peace of mind


Best Gas Space Heater


Mr. Heater Blue Flame Gas Heater

Price: Under $155

Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent-Free Heater is an excellent and reliable heater even in the coldest months.  A staggering number of favorable reviews and extensive research indicate that Mr. Heater comfortably outperforms other gas heaters. The heating capacity of this natural gas heater is fantastic, and it can heat your bedroom or living room in minutes, irrespective of how harsh or inclement the weather is.

The efficient and clean burning of natural gas provides you the highest efficiency available with no wastage of gas. Another desirable aspect of this heater is that it eliminates the repulsive odor of gas while cutting down on the level of carbon monoxide in your room. Also, the inclusion of a quiet and smooth blower helps make the operation noise-free and gentle with the excellent circulation of air.

The space heater features a battery-powered, reliable ignition system to provide quick startup without push ignition and electricity. As the heater runs on natural gas, it can operate without any electric power. As a result, you will not have to worry about power outages anymore.

The heater also has an oxygen depletion sensor which is built in to keep track of the amount of oxygen in your room, automatically shutting off the gas heater whenever oxygen level is low. It makes this heater safe for your kids and pets. Plus, the heater's built-in, smart thermostat comes with six heat settings on the dial to provide you precise control over the warmth of your room. It provides you with more safety, power, and convenience.

The installation of the gas heater is almost effortless and hassle-free; you just have to charge its battery and connect it to your gas line, and it is ready for operation. The best gas heater can start and run without an external power source. Moreover, with an excellent flame tube burner and proper oxygen supply, the heater generates an exemplary burning rate of the gas. Also, you will not need to worry about incomplete combustion and wasted gas; it is why this heater has an efficiency of 99.9%.

Product Features

  • 30,000 BTU to heat large spaces of up to 1000 square feet
  • It features a blue flame burner that generates even heat
  • Runs on natural gas
  • Electronic ignition
  • High-efficiency rating


Dyna-Glow Blue Flame Gas Heater

Price: Under $145

If you are looking for dependable and reliable supplemental heating, then the Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Wall Heater would blend in seamlessly into your living space, bringing lasting comfort and heat to your home. It is because Dyna-Glo is one of the leading brands that specialize in both outdoor and indoor heating and outdoor living products.

All the company products go through rigorous and stringent testing to make sure they not only satisfy, but also surpass the industry standards of durability, quality, and functionality. Dyna-Glo Blue Flame Heater uses the latest convection technology which is similar to the central heating system in your home to produce heat and comfort. The blue flame gas heater efficiently sends heat outward and upwards for creating a wide-ranging heat circulation. With convection technology, this blue flame heater would heat the air first and then warms the surrounding objects.

The state-of-the-art and sophisticated vent-free technology require no chimney. The gas heater is excellent for use in a variety of places such as your home, garage, or cabin. As the heater does not need electricity to run, it makes an ideal choice when it comes to everyday heating, as well as emergency situations when you have a power outage. The blue flame gas heater tends to burn with almost 99.9% efficiency, and runs on natural gas only, making it environmentally-friendly.

The heater also has an oxygen depletion sensor which is built in to keep track of the amount of oxygen in your room, automatically shutting off the gas heater whenever oxygen level is low. It makes this heater safe for your kids and pets.

Product Features

  • Excellent for emergency and supplemental use
  • By warming only occupied spaces, it can reduce heating bills
  • You can manually change the heat settings
  • 30,000 BTU to heat large areas of up to 750 square feet
  • Runs on natural gas


What Features to Look out for when Choosing a Space Heater?

Consider the following features when buying a space heater to make a more informed decision.


Space heaters have BTU measurements and watts output. Therefore, it is always helpful if you know both the numbers. You could quickly determine the relevant BTU output by if you multiply the total wattage you require by 3.41 (one watt is equivalent to about 3.41 BTUs). So, if you need 3,000 watts for heating your space or home, multiply 3,000 by 3.41, and you will get 10,230 BTUs.


Do you need a portable heater or portability does not matter? If you are planning to use your space heater in the same space or room at all times, it might be more convenient and safer to install a baseboard or wall mounted space heater. In contrast, you will need to have a light and portable heater that you can take from one room to another to provide supplemental heating in all the living rooms in the home.

Overheating Safety

If you do not monitor your space heater adequately, it can quickly become a fire hazard. So, it is vital to consider all the safety features. To considerably cut down the risk of fires, a majority of manufacturers now equip electric space heaters with advanced cool-to-the-touch surfaces and a variety of sophisticated safety features to ensure secure and safe operation.

Many space heaters have internal switches that can automatically shut the power off if you accidentally tip over or knock down your space heater.  The switch works as a smart sensor and automatically shuts the heater down if the internal elements reach an unsafe temperature.


A thermostat helps maintain the temperature you have set and saves you the hassle and inconvenience of turning your heater off and on as your room temperature varies. Heaters that have multiple output settings tend to conserve energy as they let you choose the minimum heat setting to keep your room warm and comfortable.

Energy Efficiency

In case conserving energy matters to you and you need to keep heating costs low, it is always better to compare efficiency before you choose a space heater. Although portable electric and gas heaters do not have a standard level of energy efficiency such as the EER ratings you can find on most portable AC systems, you can quickly calculate heater operating costs with a simple formula.

Noise Level

Like a majority of electrical appliances, most space heaters usually produce some noise during operation. Keep in mind that, however, some models generate more sound compared to others. Consider buying a non-fan-forced model like an oil-filled radiator or a baseboard heater for noiseless operation in quieter environments such as your bedroom or office. 


When purchasing anything new, it is vital to take all of the relevant factors into account. However, you must also consider those features that you require the most. And when it comes to heating your home or office, the only suitable and reliable option for most people is a dependable space heater. An ideal space heater will be lightweight, energy-efficient, safe and comfortable.If you keep the above features in mind, you will buy a good product that is well-suited to your needs.

Finally, although it might seem like common sense, you must supervise small kids and pets at all times when your space heater is running. Do not leave your space heater unattended if you are exiting your room or if aren’t in the house. It is vital that you must turn off and unplug your heater.

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