Space Heaters vs. Electric Fireplace

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

Many of us wonder if we should invest our hard-earned on a modern electric fireplace or a sleek space heater to warm up our homes. In reality, both of these advanced heating solutions have their pros and cons.

Let's explore what's right and wrong about electric fireplaces and space heaters.

Space Heaters

Such heaters are used to heat-up closed areas. However, there are a few types of models that are engineered to work outdoors. Moreover, heaters that utilize tungsten filament are efficient for both indoor and outdoor heating.

Although space heaters are now reasonably accessible, the accessories are still quite underrated. Most people even don't know much about these products.

Here are a few pros and cons of purchasing space heaters.


Space heaters are durable and affordable heating solutions. They also require less maintenance, and even small repairs can bring them back to working order.

Models that use a tungsten filament quickly warm up a room. As soon as soon you see the desired operating temperature the thread is at a fixed temperature. In case the filament's temperature drops, the unit utilizes electricity to heat it back up.

The tungsten filament operates with minimal electricity consumption. That is because the tungsten filament warms up quickly and stays warm for quite a while. When it cools off, it will take just a small amount of electricity to help it attain the same temperature. Hence, this operation results in a significant reduction in utility bills.

Secondly, space heaters offer the significant intensity of heat. The radiation provided by the heaters gets readily absorbed into our clothes and skin. Standard heaters are only responsible for warming up the air.

Another benefit of purchasing a space heater is that it does not require complicated installation procedures. Most of today's advanced products are portable, and users just need to plug it in to make it work.

Moreover, space heaters are also portable which means you can easily carry the units from room to another. These products also emit safe and non-toxic emission to keep the air around you safe for your children and pets.


It takes significant research to purchase a space heater. Since the market is flooded with all kinds of models with different specs and features, buying one that gives the right warmth to heat up your surroundings is tricky.

It is important to check reviews, ratings and the warranty of a product before you finally decide on a model.

Moreover, when you have purchased the right heater, you should be careful with how often you use the unit. You should also carefully decide the position where you want to keep your space heater. It is vital you should keep it where it can't be knocked over.

A few models require too much energy to operate. You can monitor your usage by comparing bills.

If your heater does not have a shut-off feature, you may have to check whether the heater is running too hot periodically.

Electric Fireplaces

Unlike conventional gas and wood stoves, electric fireplaces are smoke-free and vent free.

Such places serve as a zero-emission heat source. Here are the pros and cons of buying an electric fireplace.



One of the best advantages of buying this unit is that you get unbeatable durability and a longer lifespan than other heating products. There are no real flames involved in the heating process, so corrosion due to caustic agents is impossible.

You can maximize your space by combining an electric fireplace with an entertainment unit. This way you can add a beautiful touch to your décor while adding a heat source to your home or workplace.

Electric fireplaces come in endless possibilities and feature a wide range of designs and colors. You get a soothing fireplace without the need for venting.

You can quickly pack your electric fireplace if you move around frequently. All products offer good portability for hassle-free use.

Another great benefit of these units is that the fireplaces do not emit any toxic gases. No poisonous fumes are emitted to guarantee a safe heating solution.


Since electric fireplaces do not have real flames, some people may not prefer fake options. However, updated models come with a realistic looking artificial fire to make everything gas real as possible.

Note that these products are not designed to be the primary heat source for warming up your home. These products offer as much as heat as a portable space heater. 

Electric fireplaces do not work during power outages. 

Assembling a sophisticated unit may require some time and effort. A bookshelf or media console with an electric fireplace naturally means more work to put the group together.

Although most of these units are engineered to run from a regular 120v household outlet, a few models draw maximum power. If the outlet has other appliances on it, it may get overloaded and result in a fuse.

When to choose a Space Heater and an Electric Fireplace?

Opt for electric fireplaces for their aesthetic value. Moreover, these units are cost-effective and practical solutions that offer heating capabilities and sometimes excellent storage options. Thanks to their popularity, all groups are available in a large variety of designs and specs with different styles to suit everyone's taste.

On the contrary, a space heater serves as a convenient way to add instant warmth to space. Like electric fireplaces, these products also come in different styles and sizes. However, room heaters feature unique features such as automatic shut off, oscillation and a few digital controls to ease its operation. There is no tiresome installation, and most heaters need to be only plugged in to start giving off heat.

Moreover, the quartz infrared heating technology creates moist and soft heat for keeping the atmosphere safe for both pets and children. It is easy to set up and operate by plugging it in a standard 120 V outlet. They also offer excellent portability since you can quickly move these products around.

Final Thoughts

You can purchase the best space heater or choose an advanced electrical fireplace according to your lifestyle, usage, and space. Make sure to check the reviews and ratings of each product to know whether it will be appropriate for your required needs.

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