A Guide to Finding the Best Fireplace Screen for Your Money

Posted by Klaudia Broniek

Over the course of this review guide, we’ll be looking at some of the best fireplace screens that are on the market. Read on to find out about these products.


When it comes to keeping warm in the winter, few things can match a fireplace. While there will always be dissenters who insist that the fireplace is obsolete, all it takes is a few minutes in front of one to realize that it truly is not. Even further from obsolescence is the electric fireplace, the next logical step in fireplace design.

Of course, regardless of whether your fireplace is traditional or electric, some accessories are necessary for one of them. While it is true that a real fireplace will need more tools and work to maintain a fire, you are rewarded with the smell and feel of an actual flame. The best fireplace screen can make it even better, however.

A fireplace screen can do more than protect your home and floor from flying embers coming from your fireplace; it can also add a touch of class to it. The best fireplace screen can be a conversation piece, completely transforming the look of your fireplace.

To facilitate reading, this guide will be split into sections. While you are encouraged to read this article in its entirety, feel free to skip to the parts that interest you. First off, we will go over three of the best fireplace screens on the market in our reviews detailing the winner, runner up, and the alternative.

After our reviews are concluded, we will go over some info that may be crucial for a customer looking to purchase a fireplace screen. First off, we'll take a look at some of the reasons why you may need to buy a screen for your fireplace, and there are quite a few of them.

We'll also be examining whether or not you need a fireplace screen for an electric fireplace, and what it can do for one of them. Finally, we'll also explore some of the aspects that you should search for in the best fireplace screens on the market. Without any further delay, let's get started.

Our Recommendations

Winner - Amagabeli 3 Panel Fireplace Screen


  • 3 panel design allows you to adjust the size for your fireplace
  • This fireplace screen is 28.9 inches tall and 50 inches wide when fully expanded
  • Hinges are durable enough to withstand repeated use
  • Features a powder coated finish over wrought iron construction
  • Mesh panel prevents sparks from passing through
  • Keeps pets and children away from the fireplace
  • Features a decorative leaf design that adds a classy touch to this model
  • Comes included with a one-year warranty



If you want the best fireplace screen on the market, this model from Amagabeli is undeniably the best choice. Combining looks, quality, and an affordable price into one product helps make this decorative fireplace screen the best option for any customer looking for the right fireplace accessory.


Amagabeli 3 Panel Fireplace Screen 

Starting off with the size, this fireplace screens should be large enough to cover nearly any fireplace, traditional or electric. Since this model is equipped with hinges and a 3 panel design, you can adjust it so that it fits your fireplace perfectly, avoiding the issue of purchasing a fireplace screen that is too small or too large.

Since this screen is nearly 30 inches tall, there are relatively few fireplaces that it won’t be able to cover entirely, but it is still short enough to look proportionate on most types. Regardless of whether you have a regular fireplace or one that runs using electricity, you can rest assured that this model will look good.

While we are on the subject of this screen’s aesthetics, the decorative leaf design that it features helps it blend in with your other fireplace accessories. Seeing as this screen is made of wrought iron with a powder coating, it would look better with tools and accessories that are made of similar material.

Another one of our favorite aspects of this fireplace screen is just how durable it is. If you are tired of having to purchase new screens every few months, then this one will be sure to last. The hinges are usually the first part to wear out on a fireplace screen, but this model has them reinforced so that they can last longer.

Since this screen weighs about 12 pounds, children and pets will have a hard time pushing it over, which is one of the best ways to ensure that a fireplace screen is safe. Overall, this model is by far the best fireplace screen that you will find, and it is quite affordable as it can be bought for nearly 40 dollars.


Runner Up - Plow & Hearth Large Crest Fireplace Screen


  • This fireplace screen is 44 inches wide and 33 inches tall
  • Available in a choice of the three following colors: black, pewter, and copper
  • Features a matching toolset that can be purchased alongside the screen
  • Scrollwork design helps make this fireplace screen more aesthetic
  • Features hinged double doors that operate using magnetic latches
  • The flat design of this fireplace screen makes it safer than other options
  • Made of tubular steel for improved durability
  • Heavy-duty mesh also helps improve resilience
  • Features handles on the double doors to make it easier to open



If you would like a quality fireplace screen and you don’t mind spending a little bit more money on it, then this model from Plow & Hearth is one of the best options on the market. When it comes to looks, build quality, and everything else, this model is just flat-out better than much of the competition.

Of course, you will have to be willing to spend over 100 dollars on your fireplace screen to get one of these. What do you get for your money? Quite a bit, but it is up to you to decide whether that is worth the cost, in the end. Let’s get into the details of this fireplace screen and see why it costs so much more.

Starting with the construction, this is one of the most durable fireplace screens on the market, and it is designed to last longer than many other models. Part of the reason why this fireplace screen is so resilient is that it is made out of tubular steel instead of the wrought iron or brass that is common for other screens.

While tubular steel may not be the best material around for a metal fireplace screen, it is one of the better options available due to its structural strength. The frame of this fireplace screen isn’t the only part that is built to last, as the mesh itself is of the heavy-duty variety so that you won’t have to worry about holes.

If you are worried about aesthetics, this fireplace screen features an intricate scrollwork design that goes perfectly with most traditional fireplace designs. You can even purchase a matching set of fireplace accessories from Plow & Hearth to ensure that everything fits together perfectly.

While this fireplace screen costs 180 dollars, it is worth every cent, and it is nearly guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Even though this model may not feature the same value for money as our winner, it is still a very legitimate option.


Alternative - Pleasant Hearth Preston Fireplace Screen


  • 3 panel design ensures that this fireplace screen will fit most fireplaces
  • Steel construction makes this model more durable than competitors
  • Features a vintage iron design that makes this model ideal for both regular and electric fireplaces
  • Compatible with the Pleasant Hearth Preston Accessories Kit
  • Also compatible with the Pleasant Hearth Preston Log Holder
  • This model is 52 inches wide and 31 inches tall
  • Mesh design allows you to enjoy the fire while keeping your floor safe from sparks


Last but not least, we have the Preston fireplace screen from Pleasant Hearth, a model that fits between the previous two products that we reviewed when it comes to price. While there is nothing explicitly wrong with this fireplace screen, it is merely outdone by the offerings from Amagabeli and Plow & Hearth.

Regardless, let's take a look at what makes this model one of the top 3 fireplace screens available right now. The Preston features a pleasant design that is the right mix between an old-style and a modern fireplace screen, and that is mostly due to the vintage iron design that goes well with most fireplaces. 

Don't let the name of this design fool you; it can have a surprisingly modern look thanks to its nearly art-deco styling. Of course, this is a mesh-style fireplace screen, so your view of the fire won't be obstructed all too much either, and the mesh itself is surprisingly durable. 

While this fireplace screen is styled to look like iron, you will find that it is made out of steel for superior durability, beating out many other possible materials. Pleasant Hearth also offers various matching accessories that can go with this fireplace, like a log holder or a toolset.

When you fully extend this fireplace screen, it is about 52 inches wide, making it large enough for all but the most massive of fireplaces. As with most fireplace screens, the height is around 30 inches, with this particular model coming in at exactly 31 inches tall.

Being a 3 panel design, you can adjust this model to fit nearly any fireplace, though keep in mind that the screen won't be as close to the middle of the fireplace when folded. This fireplace screen can be found for around 60 dollars, but the price often drops to about 40 dollars, making it a great deal.

While this fireplace screen may not be as impressive as some of the other choices, it is still one of the best that you will find.


What Are Fireplace Screens and Why Do You Need One?

As you may have guessed, a fireplace screen is something that is resistant to fire which is placed in front of a fireplace to shield it. There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want your fireplace to be directly exposed to your home, and a screen is by far the best way to rectify that issue.

The primary reason for a fireplace screen is simple safety. Wood fires (the type of which are most common in traditional fireplaces) create a large number of sparks and flying embers that could be launched out of your fireplace at any moment.

If you have ever looked at the floor near the front of a fireplace, you may have noticed that it is often made of non-flammable materials like marble or granite. Even though the floor directly in front of your fireplace may not be flammable, there may be a wooden floor or a carpet slightly further away.

You would be surprised by just how far embers and sparks can travel when they are launched from a fire, and a fireplace screen stops them before they can get anywhere. It is for this reason that many of these products are made out of metal, like a brass fireplace screen.

Aside from stopping the fire from coming to you, a fireplace screen can prevent any potential problems with children or pets hurting themselves with the fire. Younger children and some pets may not recognize the risk of a fire, and a heavy enough fireplace screen will be able to keep them away. 

Of course, there are less practical reasons for using a fireplace screen, but that makes them no less genuine. There is the fact that a fireplace screen can simply make your hearth look better. Many models feature intricate designs through which the flames can peak and create stunning effects.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you may wish to use a fireplace screen, and they range from practical to a little more superficial, but there is nothing wrong with either of them. In the end, it is your fireplace to do with as you see fit, as long as you aren’t making it blatantly unsafe.

Electric Fireplaces and Fireplace Screens

So what about electric fireplaces and screens? We all know that electric fireplaces don’t spit out embers and sparks that can potentially set something on fire, and since an electric fireplace doesn’t burn, it can’t really hurt a child or a pet.

Well, you still have to consider that electric fireplaces can still get rather hot, and if a child or pet touches them, they’re still going to feel it. You also don’t want your pet or child messing around with your electric fireplace and potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

As always, there is also the aesthetic quality of a fireplace screen that can even improve the looks of an electric fireplace. In fact, some screens are designed with electric fireplaces in mind and vice versa. The main difference is that a fireplace screen isn't mandatory for an electric fireplace.

While you don’t need a screen to keep your home safe while using an electric fireplace, it still improves the experience and adds a bit of class to your fireplace. Keep in mind that some electric fireplaces are not meant to be used with screens, so always consult the instructions before use.

On What to Pay Attention When Choosing Your Fireplace Screen


One of the most crucial aspects to consider before purchasing your fireplace screen is its size. You will want to measure your fireplace beforehand so that you know the exact size to search for. Keep in mind that you are better off getting a fireplace screen that is too large instead of one that is too narrow.

Since sparks can hop out of a fireplace in the spaces between your screen and the fireplace itself, you will want to ensure that it is entirely covered. There are also 3 panel fireplace screens that are adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit for your fireplace at the expense of the screen’s proximity to the fire.


The material that your screen is made out of is more of a personal choice since it will usually affect little more than the look. Of course, some materials will have less heat conductivity, which is excellent if you want to be able to touch your fireplace screen without burning your hand.

When it comes to aesthetics, the glass fireplace screen is arguably the best one since you will be able to see the fire clearly. Of course, glass is much less durable than an alternative like metal, though that has issues with heat conductivity that vary based on the type of metal that is used.


Finally, the design of your fireplace screen is another matter that you will want to consider when you are looking for one. You will typically want to choose a fireplace screen that features a similar design to your fireplace and the furniture that surrounds it.


We hope that this guide has been able to demonstrate that finding the right fireplace screen is not as much of a challenge as you would assume. Feel free to leave a comment down below and let us know what you think about these products or anything related to fireplace screens.






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