Touchstone 80001 Electric Fireplace Review

Touchstone 80001 Electric Fireplace Review

Wall-mounted units represent the more modern and stylish variety of electric fireplaces, offering a more artistic approach that presents a unique way to add some flair to a room, or as an alternative for those who can’t have a real fireplace.

Touchstone 80001 Electric Fireplace


No matter what your reasons are for getting a wall-mounted electric fireplace, the need remains for the design to be well-executed, and making the most of what’s there. Bonus points if it is lightweight and easy to hang.

About The Product

While the good intentions are there, some manufacturers fall short when it comes to wall-mounted units. A model that is a little too thick, too loud, or too cheap-looking can easily ruin the point of having one in the first place.

Touchstone is already well known for their quality electric fireplaces, so it comes as no surprise that their flat, wall-mounted Onyx is easily one of the best around. The Onyx has a $1,000 look, but costs under 1/3rd of that.

Although the Onyx places an obvious emphasis on style and aesthetic, the functionality gets the same attention the design received. The result is one of the most well-rounded electric fireplaces currently available period, that just so happens to be a very sharp wall-mounted unit. Click here to learn more about the product.


The Touchstone Onyx is intended to draw attention immediately upon entering a room and seeing it. It’s definitely one of those fixtures that a guest will walk up to and gaze at for a few minutes, conjuring up a little jealousy in the process.

The design of the Onyx takes a minimalistic approach, which always works well for wall-mounted fireplaces. There is a metal frame, a glass window, the contents inside, and nothing more. No added detailing, no contouring, no faux-wood grain -- none of that.

There are actually more than a few colors to choose from, which has a great effect on how the unit ends up coming across. Many will opt for either the black or stainless steel, but the mirrored finish option and the pearl white frame do offer some unique stand out looks for sure.

On the inside, the Onyx actually comes with two choices for what appears to be burning inside. You can go with the standard logs, which take a skinner approach in tune with the sleek, minimal aesthetic, or you can go even further and swap out the logs for crystals.

Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace


The flames come with 5 different settings, so you can really fine-tune the fire to perfectly match the mode and vibe in that particular moment. Regardless of the setting you use, the flames remain vibrant and lifelike, delicately dancing around and ensuring a realistic effect.

Whichever you choose, the quality tempered glass provides the perfect covering, giving the unit a high end look that highlights the fire perfectly.

The unit measures 50 inches in length, 24 inches in height, and a little over 5 inches in depth, which offers a “centerpiece” look that can fill up a lot of space on a wall, be it by itself, or with other wall decor.

The Onyx weighs around 46 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about struggling through the installation process. Speaking of that, once you locate the studs in the wall, you can use the included drywall screws and mounts to properly affix the Onyx to your designated spot.

This fireplace isn’t just about looks, however. The actual heater is one of the quietest you’ll encounter, and with high and low settings, you have a little more control over the heat. The unit can heat a space of up to 400 square feet very adequately.

The Onyx does include a remote for added convenience. There are various timer settings available, and an auto-shutoff feature for added safety as well.

What We Like

Not to be overly concerned with looks, but this is a wall-mount fireplace. The Onyx looks incredible, and it doesn’t matter what color you go with. As long as you have matched your interior decor appropriately, the unit will look great all the time, even when not in use.

We love the simplicity of the design, and the size if perfect too. The thickness doesn’t place the unit too far off the wall, which tends to be a common problem with wall-mounted electric fireplaces.

Touchstone 80001 Fireplace


The option to change out the logs for crystals is very cool. This lets you mix things up from time to time, like when you want a different look for summer and winter. Just thinking out loud.

As always, we always appreciate a remote control, which is a non-option with a sleek wall unit like this. Who doesn’t want to impress their guests by firing this thing up with the touch of a button from across the room?

What Could Be Better

The Touchstone Onyx is a superior product, but there is always room for improvement. A thermostat would really take this unit to another level, even if it’s just operated by the remote. A timer that turns the unit on at a given time would be a welcome addition too.

Although we already love the colors it comes in, adding a few bolder colors to the mix couldn’t hurt.

Buying Advice

The Onyx is made to be versatile enough to be mounted near other things on the wall, but do keep in mind that you’ll need about two feet of space between the top of the unit and whatever else is on the wall or above it. Any closer and you may have some damage from the heat.

Conclusion And Rating

The Touchstone Onyx is what every wall-mounted electric fireplace should aspire to be. It cuts no corners, and focuses on all the right aspects, from its looks, to the heating portion.

This fireplace is an easy and affordable way to instantly upgrade any room with a clean, modern look, that also offers a warm cozy feel when needed. Truly the best of both worlds. Even if you have a standard fireplace in the home, this unit can be used practically anywhere in the home, so you should probably go ahead and buy one -- you won’t regret it. To buy the product now, click here


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