Southern Enterprises Electric Fireplace Review

Southern Enterprises Electric Fireplace Review

Mantel electric fireplaces can sometimes be a little tricky when trying to find one that looks good and performs well, all while avoiding completely altering the look of your room due one that is a bit too overbearing.

There are far too many models that take up too much space, or have a look that doesn’t blend well with most decors. Even if you find one that has a decent style or size, you may have to sacrifice on the actual fireplace part, which includes cheap-looking flames, and a lackluster heater.

Southern Enterprises Cartwright Faux Stone Corner


The key to a good mantel electric fireplace is balance. You want a design that is versatile enough to complement a variety of room styles, without being band. Obviously the heating aspect is important as well, along with convenient features.

About The Product

The Southern Enterprises Cartwright electric fireplace succeeds in capturing that elusive balance, resulting in a stylish, versatile mantel unit that can easily up the allure of most any room, while providing a picturesque fire quality and powerful heating ability.

Throw in some modern technological features, and a reasonable price, and you have one of the best electric fireplaces on the market, regardless of type.


The first thing you’ll notice with the Cartwright is the realistic wood look, combined with a traditional mantle design that has just the right amount of detailing. The other characteristic is the size.

The Cartwright is not to big, and not too small, but the perfect in between size that makes it easy to place in several different rooms, but works best in a living room. At 40 inches high, the unit is an ideal height as a decor piece, or as a television stand if you’re so inclined.

The unit is available in three different colors aimed at different tastes. The lighter mission oak color has a lighter tone that has a more traditional mantel feel. The espresso and classic espresso colors are darker, and provide a more contemporary look.

All three use a combination of MDF wood and veneer, with faux slate tiles above the fireplace portion. Inside the fireplace, bricks comprise all three sides for a realistic chimney look.

As for the fireplace itself, vibrant LED lights and quality craftsmanship create a very lifelike set of flames, which are available in 5 different intensity settings. You can use the flames on their own, or you can use them combined with the heater. 

Southern Enterprises Cartwright


As for the heater, you get 5 settings for that as well, which is a combination of infrared quartz and a forced fan to provide a boost. The 5,000 BTUs can heat a room that’s 500 square feet, or warm a room that’s up to 1,000 square feet.

All of the Cartwright’s various settings can be controlled with an included remote control, giving you plenty of convenience when you’re kicked back and relaxed. There’s an auto-shutoff feature, and a child lock for added safety too.

And if the realistic flames and logs weren’t enough, the unit also comes with natural wood crackling sounds that can be adjusted as well, giving you the closest experience you can get to using actual fire and wood.

Installation is fairly simple, and the 79 pound weight gives the unit some added mobility in case you need to move it around the floor from time to time. Click here to learn more about the product.

What We Like

It almost seems a little counter productive to single out any one aspect of the Cartwright, as its greatest strength is the fact that it really is the total package. Still, we’ll try.

The size is very ideal for someone who doesn’t want some giant mantel hogging a portion of their room. The Cartwright is on the larger side, but it’s by no means overbearing. The understated style helps its case even more. The three color choices are appropriate for its looks, and offer enough variance to suit most tastes.

Southern Enterprises Cartwright Faux


While the Cartwright is made from MDF, Southern Enterprises put a lot of effort into making the wood look as real as possible, which includes some grain detailing. This helps it avoid the dreaded cheap look.

The fire effect is one the most realistic we’ve seen in a unit that stays around $500. All of the various settings look great, so you can choose any intensity and still enjoy great visuals. The ability to match the looks with different heat settings is a plus too, and of course the sound option is awesome.

We also like how you can operate all of the essential settings using the remote, and the added safety features are always nice to have.

What Could Be Better

There really isn’t much room for improvement with the Cartwright. If anything, we’d like to see it available in a few more colors, and maybe an even more contemporary design as well, but it’s still fine the way it is.

Buying Advice

Make sure you measure the space you intended to place the unit in, as you’ll want to make sure everything fits right, and doesn’t end up looking out of place. We did notice that the mission oak color is a little bit lighter in person as well, so keep that in mind.

Conclusion And Rating

Overall, the Cartwright offers everything you should look for in not only a mantel electric fireplace, but any kind of electric fireplace.

The shape and style is that of a real mantel fireplace, and everything looks as realistic as possible, right down to the bricks and wood grain, The added features and quality of the heat output only push the Cartwright even further up into the realm of superior electric fireplaces.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to improve the ambiance and comfort of your space, the Southern Enterprises Cartwright should be your first choice. To buy the product now, click here.


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